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Oh, Google....

So I need to clarify this because A) I was actually asked by someone who didn't know me directly and B) Google's new terms means this will come up more often.

Searching "Joe Reiter" in Google brings up pictures thanks to my test drive of google+ (which I haven't used in months).

It also brings up a lawyer named Joseph Reiter in Palm Beach who had some allegedly (emphasis because he's a lawyer) alcohol-induced fight with a judge at a country club.

So that guy is not me. That guy is in his 60s and has white hair.

I'm handsomer, slightly salt & peppered, and a writer in New York.

Again: he's a lawyer in Florida. I'm not.

Just saying.

Of course, if you use duckduckgo.com, I come up as the top search when you look up Joe Reiter.

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