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Adventures in LA (Part the Second)

I was planning a whole series for the week I'm in LA, but time has gotten away from me. Tomorrow is my last full day here, I fly back to NYC Saturday afternoon. And it's gonna be a busy day, with meetings starting at 11 and ending some time late in the afternoon, and the day possibly ending at In 'n' Out. Or something.

So what I've learned in LA as of today, 2/16:

  • You can get stoned on Venice Beach without smoking anything. The contact high is that strong.
  • The Medicinal Marijuana guys will chase you trying to get your $40 for a card that says you need to smoke pot for medical reasons. Even when you point out the laws in New York, where you come from, don't give a shit, they'll still hound you. They should smoke up and relax, man.
  • I've dipped my toe now in both ends of the Pacific Ocean, in California, at the midpoint in Hawaii & Tahiti, and Australia. Also done both ends of the Atlantic, in New York and Ireland.
  • Traffic. It's everywhere in LA. Doesn't matter what time of day. Locals tell me between 11 and 3 is okay. Bullshit. Took me ninety minutes to go from Griffith Park to Venice Beach, and two hours to go back. Cable cars are the wave of the future here.
  • Dogs that eat toothbrushes throw up for days afterward. Don't ask why I know this. Just know I'm lucky I had an extra.
  • There are more Mexican radio stations in LA than there are total radio staions in New York.

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