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More shit my mom says

For Christmas I bought my mother a netbook. She already has a 17" laptop as her primary home computer, the netbook is for traveling so she can check mail and log on remotely to do work.

Today I gave her a run through of how to use it and what she can do.

Mom: Where do I put in the CDs?

Me: There's no CD drive built in, that's why it's so small.

Mom: So how do I watch movies?

Me: If you're using wifi you can log in to Netflix with my account.

Mom: What the hell is Netflix?

I bookmark the site in her browser and log in, giving her a quick demo.

Mom: I want to watch Medicine Man.

Me (checking and knowing she would sell me in a second for a date with Sean Connery): It's only available on CD, you can't watch it streaming. They have Hunt for Red October.

Mom: Show me.

I start the flick.

Mom: How do I use this?

Me: I saved my credentials. You just go to Netflix and look for movies that are available for streaming to watch.

Mom: You son of a bitch. Why haven't you shared this with me before? How much is it?

Me: Nothing. It's my account. I pay every month.

Mom: You son of a bitch. How could you hold out on me? I'm your mother. I gave birth to you.

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