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Dear #OccupyWallStreet

The proponents of American democracy claim the people rule, but the people are merely manipulated by the lies of newspaper editors, politicians, and business leaders. The people do not truly rule themselves, they are lead around by the nose. Capitalist rulers do as they choose, reducing wages of workers when it suits them, increasing work hours at will, hiring and firing as they like, and the people have nothing to say about it. The rich who own America crush anyone who stand in their way. These top one percent cannot be changed or influenced, they can only be defeated in battle, scattered and exterminated.*

That about sum up the thoughts down in Zuccotti Park?

I thought so.

Those words are taken, slightly out of context, from Johann Most in 1892.

The revolution isn't new, you just think it is.

Make sure to re-tweet this from your iPhone or iPad, courtesy of Apple. You know, one of those happy, friendly corporations you love who have nothing to do with slave labor in China.


*courtesy of Warren Sloat's "A Battle for the Soul of New York"

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